Ada Werefox ada
I'm gonna make a site to host my poetry at.
Updated 2023-12-11 05:26:12 +00:00
This is the source code for,, and possibly other subdomains in the future.
Updated 2023-11-29 21:42:29 +00:00
Updated 2023-11-28 04:35:46 +00:00
This is the source code for, built off the source code originally used for This was originally just a part of the source code.
Updated 2023-11-20 03:55:11 +00:00
This is the source code for, built off the source code originally used for
Updated 2023-11-20 02:58:58 +00:00
I'm gonna make a webview stream layout maybe
Updated 2023-07-03 23:58:11 +00:00
This time I'm redoing all of it with the Dioxus Rust crate.
Updated 2023-04-07 15:42:25 +00:00
I wanna test out Tauri by remaking this again but in Rust.
Updated 2023-03-26 17:26:37 +00:00
Final project for the Rust docs.
Updated 2023-03-25 21:03:15 +00:00
A little repository for the files for a Valentine's Day thing I made a while back. I refactored the entire thing to run in a Next.JS container. I *might* update the readme at some point, but for now, you can just read the one for werefox-cafe.
Updated 2023-03-25 13:30:37 +00:00
Updated 2023-03-25 13:28:16 +00:00
This is an exercise ripped straight from "The Rust Programming Language" chapter 12.
Updated 2023-03-25 13:27:58 +00:00
A copy of my code from when I was doing the Rustlings exercises.
Updated 2023-03-24 21:21:23 +00:00
A very basic Flask server that prompts the user for an instance domain, sends them through authentication flow, then displays a bare bones home timeline view. Basically just a proof of concept, feel free to use it for whatever you like.
Updated 2023-02-25 22:37:01 +00:00
This is a repository to host the code for a NodeJS project that will eventually be developed into a set of pages used for our OBS layouts for streaming.
Updated 2022-11-09 17:22:36 +00:00