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--- # Projects YAML
url: "/projects/services"
src: "/emoji/crt_blue_screen.svg"
alt: "A CRT blue screen emoji"
description: >
Here is a list of some of the services I host.
Some of them, because a few I keep to just myself.
url: "/projects/streaming"
src: "/emoji/twitch-logo.png"
alt: "Twitch logo"
description: >
I stream regularly now! Mostly Beat Saber workouts.
If you're interested in that, here are some associated links!
url: "https://write.as/a-letter-to-the-void"
new_tab: true
src: "/emoji/pen.svg"
alt: "Pen emoji"
description: >
Sometimes, I write poetry. It's not always the
happiest, but I am proud of it. It would mean a lot to me if
you took a look!
url: "https://gitea.werefox.cafe/shadow8t4"
new_tab: true
src: "/emoji/laptop.svg"
alt: "Laptop emoji"
description: >
Much like this site, sometimes I program things!
Gotta at least try and put that Comp. Sci. degree to good use!
"Non-public Stuff":
url: "/projects/private"
src: "/emoji/no_entry.svg"
alt: "No entry emoji"
description: >
Here are some other things that I host for myself,
some of these can be accessed on the internet, but I only give
myself login access, and I have no plans on giving access to the
"Other Stuff":
url: "/projects/other"
src: "/emoji/asterisk.svg"
alt: "Asterisk emoji"
description: >
Here are just some other little things I've done
that don't really fit in any specific category.