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- @cdmnky@vulpine.club 💚 :sierra:
I Live in Tulsa, Oklahoma
url: "https://plush.city/@lenalia"
avi: "/images/lenalia.png"
pronouns: "she/her"
age: "Sadly, yes :("
"I'm a robot!": "beep boop"
bio: |
Transbian beep-boop who likes kitties, cute dragons, and spherical objects.
(Robots can be soft and plush! Sure, it's inefficient for cooling purposes, but that just explains why I get easily flustered sometimes... ><; )
Please interact with me a bit before you send a follow request! Ill be way more likely to accept if I know who you are.
Interacting with my - posts is OK.
In lesbeepans with @darkwitchclaire@plush.city 💖

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@ -84,6 +84,16 @@ violet:
content: |
"How dare your thighs be that soft?"
url: "https://plush.city/@lenalia"
json: "https://plush.city/@lenalia.json"
content: |
"Hey Alice, youre the ultimate life form in my heart 💖
You can control my chaos anytime 💖
You ARE all of you, and Id like to smooch and snuggle and cuddle all of you 💖"
url: "https://masto.werefox.dev/@plausocks"
json: "https://masto.werefox.dev/@plausocks.json"

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