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--- # Partners YAML
url: ""
avi: "/images/eri.png"
bio: |
❍ is...
trans, pansexual, polyam
cptsd, adhd, bpd
plural, otherkin, empathic
♢ likes...
pixel art, sketching, photography
game dev, electronic music, retro games
wellness, anime, caring for animals
♡ loves...
kairi -
lily -
jm -
url: ""
avi: "/images/lindsays.png"
with!: ",,*,,, $RO, $BUN, $EM, $RAR, $FN | polysaturated"
"Matrix: ask!": "discord: no!"
queeeeer: ":qhTrans: :qhPolyro: :qhPolyam:"
LiberaPay: ""
bio: |
Lindsay. She/her. US/CO. audio engineer, photographer, digital artist, sysadmin, network engineer, metal fabricator (hiatus on fabricating). very not vanilla. otherkin-furry on main. slowly converting into Judaism. always burning the candle for those we've lost. :ms_candle: may their memories be for a blessing. Never again means NEVER again; SRA member. Black lives always have, do, and always will matter.
ASK before DMing.
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url: ""
avi: "/images/karma.png"
age: 30
pronouns: "she/her"
"discord / telegram": "Karma#0528 / Karma_dragoness"
bio: |
Karma / Beatrice / Bea
Retro game and MMO enthusiast
Pan trans polyam switchy dragoness in the PNW
Follow requests are OK! 18+ pls for both our sakes
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